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About the Author


Jamie Steidle is an editor, freelance writer, journalist and storyteller. He's an avid reader, part-time reasoner, frequent blogger, and consumer of coffee and other caffeinated beverages. He was the assistant editor for Feeding My Kid. Currently, he's a graduate student in Ireland, of all places. 

Steidle is co-author of the book, “This is Zoic” and is author of the book, “The Keeper Reverie.” If he isn’t spending his time writing, he’s thinking about spending his time writing. Follow him on his here or on Facebook and Twitter

This is Zoic

J. W. Steidle & Brendan Steidle

It begins with the former maître d’ hotel of the famed Lafayette in New York City. Derelict of his duty, he takes to the sea in a makeshift bathtub. Soon a tempest is upon him. Meanwhile… On a high cliff overlooking this selfsame sea, a mayor—ex-mayor—stands defeated, awaiting the train that will take him away. Unfurling from his pocket a great list of everything he’s done or will do, he attempts to make a note, but a gust of wind notes the attempt and attempts to take the list—which it does, launching the list on an air-ward voyage far and away from the mayor’s grasp. Back at sea, the little bathtub is guided to safety by a furled aberration twisting in the clouds. Meeting on the shore, the two men begin their quest for the list and its secrets—which contain the key to their future and the future of this strange island nation. This is Zoic!

Available on the Kindle.


The Keeper Reverie

J. W. Steidle

15 year-old Jake Lethe has a problem: he doesn’t really care for the family business.

Jake travels around the country with his uncle and mother in a blood bus, collecting blood from generous donors. But little do the generous donors know that collecting blood is a front. The Lethe family are Grafters. They take dreams and memories and sell them at festivals. That’s how they make their living. But when Jake’s uncle and mother are kidnapped, Jake is forced by an unscrupulous adversary to find and locate the lost city of his ancestors in order to get his family back.

Compelling and gripping, the tale weaves across the vast distances of what is real and what can only be dreamt. An action adventure with a twist, a turn and a question: just what does it mean to be different and how can that save everything you know?

Available on the Kindle and the Nook.